Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Shave Mobile

Six years ago the RAZR phone was released and now a series of phones with integrated razors are on the market. The razor phone is called the Shave Mobile. The shave mobile is a crazy idea that gives men the convenience of being able to shave while simultaneously making calls.

The phone might be ideal for people that travel frequently or individuals that are extremely busy and rarely have time to properly care for themselves. The phone has been featured on CNET Japan as an ordinary cell phone by afternoon and a last minute electric shave in the morning. The phone is a combination of two things that were really not worth combining.

The ads for the phone feature soccer player David Beckham although there are numerous allegations that the ad is completely photo shopped.

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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Night Vision Digital Video Camera

The night vision camera is a fully functioning video camera that offers real night vision technology.

The camera will switch automatically from daytime recording to an infrared illumination. This allows users to see up to 40 feet in total darkness.

The camera can store up to 75 minutes of video and has a 2 GB memory card that is sold separately. Users also have the capacity to edit full-length videos with the film editing software included with the camera. This is perfect for people who want to send nighttime movies to their friends or upload a nighttime video to YouTube.

The night vision camera might be beneficial for aspiring filmmakers. The camera comes with NightVision Software CD, a USB cable, and TV Out Cable.

The night vision digital video camera features a 2-inch color LCD screen that allows users to playback video or delete footage. It also comes with 32MB of internal memory, an SD card slot, and a fixed focus feature. The camera also has USB, NTSC and PAL outputs.

The night vision camera is actually safer than night vision goggles because it does not cover up the eyes. Although the camera has lots of features it’s also very easy to use.

The camera is created for ages seven and up. The NightVision camera is perfect for camping, late-night hangouts, and even home security. Consumers can expect to pay up around $100 for the camera.

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Friday, December 25, 2009

USB Portable Media Speaker with Webcam

The USB Portable Media Speaker with Webcam is one of those gadgets that combine several different gadgets into one. The USB Portable Media Speaker with Webcam has a USB located between the speakers and a webcam that is attached to the middle of the gadget. Some other features of the gadget include an extension cable and a remote controller. The device comes in two colors – black or black and orange.

The USB Portable Media Speaker with Webcam costs $50 but most people will probably pass for that price. There is speculation on how useful the device would be. The USB Portable Media Speaker with Webcam has garnered bad reviews across the web and has been referred to as a “crapgadget”

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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Naoto Fukasawa Coffee and Tea Maker

The Naoto Fukasawa Coffee and Tea Maker is a great machine that allows an individual to brew coffee or tea. The machine will brew up to 6 cups of coffee or tea. The Naoto Fukasawa Coffee and Tea Maker is also compact and space efficient. It is an ideal gadget for small kitchens.

The Naoto Fukasawa Coffee and Tea Maker filters water through an activated charcoal filter and it takes less than 10 minutes to produce up to 6 cups of coffee or tea.

The Naoto Fukasawa Coffee and Tea Maker also has a one hour automatic off function. Individuals that are interested in the Naoto Fukasawa Coffee and Tea Maker can expect to pay almost $300. It’s a very minimalist piece that most people will enjoying having in their kitchen.

The Naoto Fukasawa Coffee and Tea Maker was first made available in Japan in 2007. The Naoto Fukasawa Coffee and Tea Maker machine has also been awarded the Good Design Award. The designer of the machine, Naoto Fukasawa is also known for other inspirational design work such as an iconic wall-mounted CD player and a series of laptops designed for Samsung.

The machine is perfect for the coffee or tea lover because it is compact, functional and has a very simple and clean design.

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Monday, December 21, 2009

ViewSonic VCPO8

The ViewSonic VCPO8 is a novel phone that looks like a miniature version of a netbook. It’s a clamshell phone with two screens. One screen is on the outside of the phone and measures 2 inches. The larger screen is 4.3 inches and is revealed when the phone is opened.

The inner screen of the ViewSonic VCPO8 has a full QWERTY keypad that features a finger mouse. The phone is pretty big and for those who normally carry smaller mobile phones it may feel as if they are carrying a rather large device around.

Some of the features of the ViewSonic VCP08 include an 800MHz Intel Atom processor and 512MB of RAM. There is an extra 8GB of storage if a person decides to use one of the available MicroSD cards. In addition to its large size the ViewSonic VCPO8 has a downside. The ViewSonic VCPO8 has a 1200mAH battery, which will require that the phone be recharged at least once a day.

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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Hello Kitty LCD TV with remote

Millions of girls are in love with the Hello Kitty line. For years, Hello Kitty has produced a broad range of products for fans and the Hello Kitty LCD TV with remote is another gadget released by Hello Kitty.

The Hello Kitty LCD TV with remote is a 13.3-inch television with 1280 x 800 resolution. The onboard speakers have an output of 3W, which should be sufficient for a small room. The television has a digital turner and is shaped in the iconic Hello Kitty symbol.

The Hello Kitty LCD TV also comes with a remote shaped like the Hello Kitty bow. Unfortunately, the television is only suitable for individuals that live in Japan. The device is optimized specifically for a Japanese television system and has Japanese menus only.

The gadget is very cute and would be ideal for fans of Hello Kitty who want to add a small television to their Hello Kitty collection. The television costs 49,800 Japanese yen or $550.

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Friday, December 18, 2009

MSI X-Slim X600 Pro

MSI has a line of ultrathin laptops and the latest release is the MSI X-Slim X600 Pro. The MSI X-Slim X600 Pro is a new and improved model that has a super thin form and runs on Intel’s CULV lower power platform. The MSI X-Slim X600 Pro is a step up from previous models and the designers sought to eliminate any quality issues with the new laptop.

The MSI X-Slim X600 Pro uses the Windows 7 operating system and should do well in terms of the performance. The computer has an ATI mobility Radeon HD 4330 graphics card and up to 4GB of RAM.

The MSI X-Slim X600 Pro is also pretty thin. It measures about 2.5 cm thin and weighs around 4.6 pounds when the 6-cell battery is included. The computer has a 15.6-inch widescreen LCD display, a 1.3 MP Webcam, an optional DVD burner or Blu-Ray drive, Bluetooth technology, and Wi-Fi.

One great feature of the laptop is the luminous scratch resistant coating. The laptop is perfect for traveling and the coating is an added benefit for frequent travelers who must handle their computer roughly. The price on the laptop is not yet available.

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Samsung TL225 / ST550

The Samsung ST550 is a 12 megapixel point and shoot camera. It is also called the TL225. The camera has a 1.5-inch LCD screen that is located in the front. This makes it ideal for individuals that frequently take self-portrait pictures. On the back of the camera is a 3.5-inch touchscreen LCD that has built in Haptic vibration. The screen can easily respond to finger commands and features a onetouch autofocus. The rear LCD screen has garnered great reviews from users because of its high resolution.

One of the best features of the Sam Samsung ST550 is the HD movie recording. Consumers have also given high marks to the camera because of its zoom lens and the fact that the camera is so easy to control and use.

The Samsung ST550 is arguably one of the best point and shoot cameras on the market. Although the camera does not have a maximum professional level quality, it’s still a very fun-loving snap shooter camera.

The Samsung ST5 ST550 comes in four colors — black, orange, purple, and gold. Consumers can expect to pay about $350 for the camera. Unfortunately, there are some downsides the camera. One downside was that the camera has a very slippery case that can easily be dropped. Another downside was that the colors on the photos produced by the Samsung ST550 have a tendency to be a bit over-saturated.

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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Track Ball Mouse Numerical Keypad Hub

The Track Ball Mouse Numerical Keypad Hub is considered a hybrid gadget. It’s perfect for someone who needs a number keypad and also wants a trackball mice. The gadget even comes with a pair of USB ports.

The product combines the most necessary parts of the computer and is an integrated computer accessory. The designers that created the gadget referred to it as the perfect all-in-one solution that is ideal for the notebook or a netbook.

The Track Ball Mouse Numerical Keypad Hub is compatible with operating systems like Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 2000, and Mac operating systems. The device is rather small and measures 20 x 16 cm, which makes it a practical traveling companion.

The demographic of people that will love this device are those who crunch numbers on a daily basis. For example, accountants would love the Track Ball Mouse Numerical Keypad Hub, and it might also be very helpful around the tax season.

Consumers can expect to pay about $60 for the Track Ball Mouse Numerical Keypad Hub.

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

iPhone 3GS Supreme

With a hefty price tag of $3.2 million US dollars, this custom made iPhone 3GS Supreme took the crown as the world’s most expensive mobile phone.

Created by Goldstriker’s Stuart Hughes, the iPhone 3GS Supreme has a stunning 7.1 carat home button and covered will a 22k solid gold all over (271 grams). On top of that, it’s lined with 136 smaller diamonds around the edges including the Apple logo at the back (all weighed at 68 carats).

So if you have Php148 Million pesos to spare, you can commission one yourself.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

HTC Hero with Google Android OS

The Hero is HTC’s 3rd handset to run Google Android OS (after Dream and Magic). I would think of the Hero as HTC’s fix to the Magic.


Qualcomm MSM7200A 528 MHz
Android 1.5
512 ROM, 288 RAM
3.2 inch screen @ 320×480 pixels
3G/HSDPA 7.2Mbps
WiFi 802.11 b/g
Bluetooth 2.1
Internal GPS
5MP camera
3.5mm audio jack

The HTC Hero’s form factor is a little odd with the bottom part bent crooked inward. In a way, it make sense when you make a phone call since the mic is placed closer to your mouth. On the other hand, I found it hard to get a case for the Hero just because of the form factor.

The handset’s build and construction is pretty solid with a combination of brushed metal finish and a smooth rubbery surface (feels likeTeflon coating but earlier reports say only the white model has it). Not thin but not too thick (14.4mm) as well — fits snugly with one hand and not that heavy for its size (135g, exactly same weight as the iPhone 3GS).

Aside from having a nice oil-resistant capacitive touch screen, the Hero has a number of physical navigation buttons including a trackball that glows when there’s a new message or alert on the phone. There’s the call button and the end call button that also serves as the power button situated on both ends. There’s the home button and the menu button in the middle. The second row has the plastic trackball at the center, a back button and a special search button.

What actually gives the HTC Hero an edge is the Android OS. The Hero has version 1.5 pre-installed and got more improvements from the previous version. It now has 5 panels you can easily switch with a flick of the screen or roll of the trackball — customize each panel to hold shortcuts, widgets and folders.

There are a number of HTC Widgets and Android Widgets you can use but I liked the toggle widgets for connectivity as it allows me to turn on or off the settings for 3G, WiFi, GPS and Bluetooth very quickly. It helps save me on data charges and battery life.

With over 10,000 apps in the Android Marketplace, you have access to almost any imaginable application for the phone — a feature that closely competes with Apple’s iTunes Store.

The phone is very responsive and can run multiple applications all at the same time. However, you may notice the handset slow down when a lot of apps are open or running so the Task Killer widget come in very handy when that happens. The Hero has a 528 MHz (Qualcomm MSM7200A ARM11) processor and 288MB RAM that perform quite well with multi-tasking though I wish they added more RAM.

The touch screen is very good and responsive as well; the oleophobic coating of the screen makes it immune to oily finger fingerprints. Video playback is smooth and clear with very wide viewable angle (around 130-150 degrees IMO). The speakers at the back is a bit small and not loud enough for open playback. You will likely need the earphones most of the time.

While the phone has multi-touch functionality, it is not available on all applications — works on web browsing but not on Google Maps.

The 5-megapixel camera has a nice autofucos feature but does not take photos very well especially on low light or non-stationary subjects. There’s no dedicated camera button and relies on the trackball for that function.

The 1350mAh battery gives me a decent 2 days with casual internet and phone calls but if you turn on WiFi and 3G and leave apps for Twitter, GMail and Facebook open, expect the device to be totally drained by end of the day.

The HTC Hero has its fair share or shortcomings as well — no large internal storage so you have to reply on a microSD card for that (hard to find 16GB around here so I only have an 8GB in place) which means you have to shell out more money, no FM Radio tuner and no front-facing camera for 3G video calls.

Over-all, the HTC Hero performs really well and is the closest (and even better in some areas) to the iPhone in terms of touch implementation performance, usability and added features (the Android Marketplace is a big plus). Bad news is that it’s as expensive as the iPhone. Some local stores have been selling them for Php33,900 (pretty close to the prepaid price of the iPhone 3GS).

Monday, December 14, 2009

Asrock Nettop Ion 330-BD

Asrock's newest Home Theater PC (HTPC) sports an NVdia Ion graphics and Blu-ray Drive

Asrock Nettop Ion 330-BD
Intel Atom 330 Dual Core 1.6GHz
NVidia Ion Graphics
Blue-Ray Drive Combo
HDMI port
D-Sub VGA port
6 USB 2.0 ports
HD Audio 5.1 channel
Gigabit LAN
S/PDIF (Optical)

It didn’t have any OS out of the box so you need to install your prefer OS like windows Vista or Windows 7. The box only weighs 1.7kg. Accessories include a remote, HDMI-to-DVI adaptor and anti-slip pad. The rig consumes 65 watts of power.

The Asrock Nettop Ion 330-BD has a retail price of Php27,800. I heard the basic model (no remote and Blu-ray drive) is selling for just Php18,000.