Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Deafinite Style Hearing Aid

Designaffairs Studio has a mission of creating concepts that garner attention, and the Deafinite Style hearing aid is definitely capturing some attention. The Deafinite Style hearing aid is a conceptual hearing aid that forms a large tunnel through a person’s earlobe.

Instead of resembling a hearing aid, the device looks more like a piece of jewelry. It’s one of the first hearing aids that will likely be mistaken for a trendy or stylish accessory rather than an actual hearing device.

In cases of severe hearing loss, the Deafinite Style hearing aid comes with a plug that can be connected to the aid to produce more power. The device can work for people that suffer from severe hearing loss. There is one downside to the device – the earlobe is required to be permanently stretched to be worn and some people may not want to stretch their ears.

Via LikeCool

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  1. Creating a hearing aid device with the resemblance of jewelry is not just a good marketing strategy, but also a good way of encouraging people to believe that the use of a hearing aid can also be very stylish. This hearing aid can be mistaken as a real earring that can be used by boys and girls.

    Rebecca Kavel