Thursday, July 8, 2010

German ISP To Offer Android Tablet To Subscribers

We’ve heard ISPs offering anything from keychains to MacBooks in order to get subscribers hooked. German internet provider 1&1 will be manufacturing a tablet PC running Android that has all the basic specs we’ve come to know and love from slates of this sort. The 7-inch touchscreen SmartPad will have WiFi, an optional USB 3G modem, an SD card reader with 2GB plugged in, USB port, 500 MHz ARM11 procie, 256BM RAM and 1GB ROM. The company is the second biggest ISP in Germany and will likely bundle this with a 2-year contract and likely 3G coverage will be locked to them. No word if you can get this sans contract but if this proves popular, other ISP will probably jump to offering their own tablets just like what they did for netbooks. It’s expected to be available by the end of this month.

via SlashGear

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