Monday, February 8, 2010

WristOffice Mobile Phone Holder

The WristOffice Mobile Phone Holder was designed by someone that clearly sleeps with his or her mobile phone. The mobile phone holder allows a person to wear their iPhone or other mobile device on their wrist all day.

The WristOffice system is a simple creation that was made from an inline skating wrist guard. The simple device is worn around the wrist and will hold a cell phone in place with Velcro. Individuals are required to place a Velcro sticker on the back of their mobile phones to correctly attach it to the WristOffice Mobile Phone Holder.

The WristOffice system is supposed to provide hands free operation and allow a person to have continued access to their iPhone, MP3, Blackberry or other mobile device. It provides the convenience of not having to miss phone calls because of a mobile that is located in a bag or on a desk.

The WristOffice Mobile Phone Holder is also ideal for exercise. If a person is running, hiking, or cycling their device is on their body instead of jiggling in a pocket.

There could be some downsides to the WristOffice Mobile Phone Holder. The most noticeable downside to the product is that it could be uncomfortable to wear. The device would require frequent adjustments.

The phone holder could also be an easy way for someone to get scratches on their mobile phone. Any device worn on the wrist is likely to come into contact with doors, tables, and other objects that could be potentially damaging for the device.

Individuals that are interested in purchasing the WristOffice Mobile Phone Holder can purchase the device for $80.

Via Crunchgear


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