Monday, May 31, 2010

Asus Eee Pad EP121 12-inch tablet is lighter, thinner, faster than the iPad

There you go, after many rumors, we finally get a glance at the Asus Eee Pad, a 12" tablet that is powered by an Intel Core Duo CULV (low voltage) processor. Yes, I know, it's kind of surprising, as one would have expected an Atom or something like that in there - even if it runs Windows 7 Home Premium. This Eee Pad is 12.2mm thick and weighs 1.48Lbs (675g), which is slightly lighter and thinner than the iPad (don't miss our ipad review). Now, hang on: Asus claims that its device can run for 10 hours, a number certainly used to be on equal footing with Apple's product. Now, we would be extremely impressed if the Eee Pad could play video for 10hrs like the iPad does, but I'm slightly skeptical on that one. I'll cross my fingers. Oh, and there's no pricing info yet.

Via NetbookNews

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