Sunday, May 16, 2010

Do Bright Lights Before Bedtime Delay Your Ability To Fall Asleep?

If you’re having trouble going to sleep at night, you might want to check out the electronic devices that you’re using right before you sleep. A report from CNN mentions that strong light, regardless of whether it’s from the sun or from the display of personal electronic devices, are able to reset a person’s internal sleep clock. Obviously this would include gadgets such as your smartphone, PDA and tablet devices, and with tablet devices being commonly used as eBook readers before we sleep, this issue might even be more prominent now. A neuroscience professor at Northwestern University also affirms that the light from using an electronic device close to bedtime can stimulate your brain to make it more awake, thus delaying your ability to sleep. If you find that you’re having trouble going to sleep every night, maybe it might be worth a shot research more into this?


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