Sunday, January 17, 2010

Asus Wave Face Concept Design

During the Consumer Electronics Show, a lot of companies would show off stuff from their R&D just to get people talking and fell how much buzz it could draw. Most of the time, these gadgets never go out into the market nor see the light of day after CES. One such concept is the Asus Wave Face Design.

Waveface Casa

The Waveface Casa is a large widescreen display that acts as both entertainment center and internet portal. When not in use, a flexible, decorative cover obscures most of the screen, only exposing small areas that display contextually-relevant information.

Waveface Light

Equipped with a touch-sensitive screen and backed by a soft, flexible material, the Waveface Light is an interface to the cloud that can be used in a conventional screen-keyboard configuration or as a flat, single-screen tablet.

Waveface Ultra

A highly-portable device that can be strapped to one’s wrist, the Waveface Ultra provides anywhere, anytime access to information and services. Its display can be snapped flat to enlarge the viewing area.

These are just prototypes and that folding netbook looks awesome. However, one of the main reasons why we won’t see them in store shelves any time soon is because they’re just too costly to make and too expensive for the market to bear. But let’s give it some 5 to 10 years.

Via YugaTech


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