Sunday, January 24, 2010

Tub-E Bathtub

The Tub-E Bathtub was created by Wild Terrain Designs and is a tub that combines style, comfort and luxury. The tub is designed to look like a bucket from the future and features a staircase that swivels around the tub. Around the edge of the tub are small LED lights. This is perfect for creating a soft ambiance around the bathroom.

The most notable feature of the Tub-E Bathtub is the multifunctional electrical system. The system includes options like automatic filling, automatic emptying and even an auto cleaning option is available. The automatic cleaning feature is perfect for individuals that hate to clean their bathtub.

The Tub-E Bathtub also has a built-in heater under the seat of the tub so that the water can be adjusted to the perfect temperature. As the tub fills with water, there is an automatic touch feature available that gives individuals the choice of adding a variety of bath oils.

The Tub-E Bathtub is available in either stainless steel or copper. The tub’s unusual design makes it a perfect bathroom fixture for individuals with contemporary style.

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