Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Ricoh GXR

The Ricoh GXR is a versatile and compact camera that is small enough to be taken anywhere so that a person is always ready for a casual shot. The Ricoh is one of the smallest and lightest digital cameras on the market.

The company understands that a camera lens is what gives life to a photograph, so the company created the camera with an interchangeable lens. The interchangeable lens is the most notable feature of the Ricoh GXR. The lenses can easily be changed to match the mood and scene. A changeable lens is perfect for those who enjoy being creative with their photographs.

The Ricoh GXR is also well built. The body of the camera and its units have a magnesium alloy exterior. Magnesium alloy is an ideal material for digital cameras because it provides good heat-dissipation and magnetic-shielding characteristics. The camera is light, strong and has a high-class feel. The camera also has a non-slip pear skin finish for corrosion resistance.

Via Engadget