Friday, January 1, 2010

Roddler Stroller

The roddler stroller is like a luxury sports car for babies. It’s a unique and creative stroller that combines hot-rod styling with the practical use of a stroller.

The style of the stroller is sure to turn heads and garner a lot of attention. The stroller comes in three colors – black, white, and red. Each color has a shiny chrome finish and special custom designs for the stroller can be created.

Unlike traditional strollers, the roddler stroller is created using three wheels. One wheel is in the front and two are in the rear. The stroller was designed to easily maneuver around and is created with durable and high quality materials such as stainless steel hardware, chrome grips, and carbon vinyl. The seat of the stroller is made from suede and leatherette so that the child is extra comfortable. The high-end materials make the roddler stroller a bit more stable and durable than traditional strollers.

The roddler stroller is highly desirable for fashion conscious parents, but the price tag is not very attractive. Parents can expect to pay $2000 for the roddler stroller. For an extra $500 parents can have the stroller customized so that it eventually converts into a tricycle. This is ideal for parents that want to recycle.

Via Gizmodo

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