Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Aircell and Gogo Video

Air travel can provide a person time to catch up on reading, napping, and in some cases work. Unfortunately, most people have a difficult time getting their work done because of a lack of Internet service in the sky.

Gogo is attempting to solve this problem with their in-flight portal. With Gogo In-flight Internet, the airplane becomes hub of Internet activity and passengers are able to check their email, surf the web, and finally get some work done.

The in-flight internet technology works easily. First the passenger connects with his or her own Wi-Fi device. They then turn their Wi-Fi on, connect to the gogoinflight signal, sign up, and then have access to the internet.

In an attempt to make air travel even more friendly and bearable, Gogo has decided to offer a service called the Gogo Video. The Gogo video will allow users to watch film rentals and TV shows through a streaming service available through the in-flight Wi-Fi. Each film or TV show comes with a price tag, which will range from $2 to $4 based on the program.

After the video is purchased, the movie or television show will be available for viewing for up to 24 hours. Users can watch their videos even after the flight has landed because it resides on the laptop.

On particularly long flights, there are usually a handful of movies and television shows available for travelers to view, however, Gogo will dramatically expand these options with the Gogo video. Travelers will have enough videos to keep them busy enough to forget they are even travelling.

Gogo will be offered on many airlines through Aircell. Although passengers are anxious for the service they will have to wait until the end of 2010 before the Gogo video is available. Sadly, the service will only be available for Windows laptops initially.

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