Saturday, March 13, 2010

Airplane Skycouches

Unless you’re in first or business class, there is arguably nothing more uncomfortable than an airline seat. Air New Zealand understands how uncomfortable passengers can feel and have designed a creative new airline seating option in the economy section of its new long-haul airplanes.

Air New Zealand is rethinking the passenger experience by creating the “Skycouch”. The skycouch works by turning three seats into a small bed. The skycouch would work best for people that are traveling alone or traveling with a companion. A couple traveling can purchase the third seat in their row for half-price so that they can take full advantage of the skycouch. Of course, it also helps to have a traveling companion that you’ll feel comfortable sleeping next to.

The Airplane Skycouches are an interesting idea to produce comfier seats that will make flying more bearable. Unfortunately, only the first 11 rows of the economy class cabin will have the new skycouch. The rest of the cabin will have to learn to sleep upright.

Via Dvice

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