Monday, March 1, 2010

Celestron CGE 1400 Aplantic

Astronomers are consistently finding new mysteries in the universe. Recently, astronomers spotted a super-earth that is 80 light years away. The planet is four times heavier than earth, and the discovery was made using a Kepler telescope. Fortunately, there are numerous telescopes on the market that can help people take a deep look into space and get lost in the sky.

The Celestron CGE 1400 Aplantic is an enormous telescope that is not for amateurs, but could be if they have a serious obsession with astronomy and $10,000. The Celestron CGE 1400 Aplantic can be fitted with a camera and is a perfect tool for astrophotography. It's also perfect for individuals that have a strong desire to grow famous in the scientific community because of a star or planetary discovery.

Celestron is a leading manufacturer and designer of high-quality optical products. The company specializes in telescopes, binoculars, and microscopes. Celestron is one of the world's top telescope makers and designed the Celestron CGE 1400 Aplantic for serious amateur astronomers that wanted an outstanding design coupled with innovative technology

Over the years, Celestron has won numerous awards and praise for its telescopes and the Celestron CGE 1400 Aplantic should be no exception. The telescope would be considered an investment for photographers that want to capture images that those with only a digital camera could only dream of capturing.

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