Sunday, March 21, 2010

Riiflex Wii Weights

Each day, millions of people use their Wii to get into shape or lose weight and the Riiflex Wii Weights are making it more convenient for people to get in shape faster. The weights are 2lb dumbbells that can add resistance to Wii training exercises and other workouts.

The Riiflex are ergonomic, gym-quality weights that cleverly fit with the Wiimotes. Each weight is made of polycarbonate, cast-iron, and has a soft-touch rubber overmold that prevents the weights from falling out of a person’s hand.

The Riiflex weights can be used with the Wii Fit Plus, Fitness Ultimatum, Golds Gym Cardio, My Fitness Coach, and EA Sports Active. The weights are also compatible with Wii Motion plus. It will likely take time before Riiflex offers heavier weights. For now, two pounds are the heaviest.

Via Ohgizmo

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