Sunday, March 7, 2010

Mast Humidifier

As the entire world pushes towards using clean energy, more and more gadgets that don't require electricity will be created. The Mast is a humidifier that doesn't use electricity. Instead, the Mast draws up moisture into its sails by capillary action.

The Mast was designed and crafted by Shin Okada and Masuya Koubou. The designers created the Mast humidifier while thinking of a yacht floating in cool water. The humidifier is simple and elegant and has an interesting design that feels and looks organic and clean.

The humidifier works by absorbing water from the hull and then diffusing the water. It's perfect for dispersing moisture throughout the room. The water evaporates six times faster than an open pan of water, which makes it extremely efficient.

The Mast humidifier is a perfect addition to the home during the cold and dry winter months. During winter, dry air can take a toll on the skin, hair, eyes, and general health, but humidifiers replenish much need moisture and can benefit a person's health.

The Mast is made from high-quality timber that is called Japanese Cypress. Japanese Cypress has a fresh lemon scent, and as the moisture is dispersed into the air, the sweet scent of lemons permeates the room. The timber is also durable and rot-resistant. Each humidifier is custom made.

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  1. Hi,

    This device may present several disadvantages.

    Below is the current unanswered questions about it:

    - How to clean this device?

    - Could this device become a reservoir for fungal infection and germs which breeding in stagnant water?

    - How long is the expiration time?

    - How can be humidity level of environment adjusted?