Friday, March 5, 2010

HD3 Black Pearl Watch

The HD3 Black Pearl Watch has an intricate design and is perfect for someone that is interested in seeing the inner workings of their watch as the minutes and hours tick away.

Fabrice Gonet designed the HD3 watch. The designer was inspired by the era of buccaneers and pirates when he created the black pearl watch. The watch has a few details that are reminiscent of pirate ships. For example, the HD3 integrates a tiny cannon hatch on its left side. The canon features skulls and bones.

Despite the pirate-like characteristics, the HD3 is still a beautiful watch that was designed with lots of care and detail. Unfortunately, the H3 Black Pearl Watch is impossible to obtain because only eleven of the watches were created. Each watch sold for nearly half a million dollars.

Via Gizmodo

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