Tuesday, March 2, 2010

TV Ears

TV Ears provides a courteous way for people to turn up the volume on the television without disturbing everyone else in their home. The device is wireless and is a technology developed specifically for TV listening.

TV Ears is lightweight, comfortable, and is currently a best selling listening device. The gadget has noise reduction ear tips that were originally developed for military pilots. The technology works by automatically increasing the volume for hard to hear words and will automatically lower the volume if the background noise on the television rises. TV Ears should reduce room noise as well.

According to the company, doctors are recommending the device for people that suffer from hearing loss. People with hearing problems can hear every word on the television clearly, and no longer have to ask others around them what someone on the television is saying. Audiologist and hearing care professionals have sold the device for quite some time.

TV Ears wasn't just created for the hard-of-hearing but can also be ideal for people that want to watch television quietly as a courtesy to friends and family members. Night owls who stay up late and don't want to wake their families will find the TV Ears an ideal way to extend courtesy without having to forego a television show.

In particularly noisy homes, the TV Ears can also help. If a person is battling environmental noises such as dishwashers, fans, noisy neighbors, noisy kids, and family conversations, the TV Ears will allow a person to tune out everything and enjoy a television show in silence.

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