Friday, March 19, 2010

Kululua Airline’s Rebranding

South Africa’s Kululua’s airline is giving itself a bit of a makeover. The airline has recently decided to rebrand its planes with a creative airplane 101 guide that allows individuals to easily see where various parts of the plane are located.

Now, every air traveler can learn the difference between where the nosecone and engine are located. The planes are also extremely brightly colored. They now come in a neon green shade which looks very stylish, creative, and modern. The green shade could also reduce the possibility of air collisions because it’s so brightly colored. The new makeover provides the passengers and airline crew with basic knowledge of aircraft technology and aviation mechanics. It’s clever and educational and passengers will realize where the blackbox is located.

It will likely be a matter of time before Kululua can recognize whether the new educational planes are giving them an uptick in business. The new planes are bound to bring in more passengers to the airline. People should find the airline more intriguing and fun because it’s a great advertising technique.

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