Friday, March 19, 2010

RITMO Prenatal Musical System

Currently there are number of prenatal musical systems for pregnant women who want to introduce their baby to some nice, soft, and soothing music. Some researchers have conducted studies that prove babies begin to demonstrate reactive listening as early as 16 weeks.

Having the RITMO prenatal music system allows moms to deliver quality and safe sounds to their babies while they’re still in the womb. Anything that a mother can play on her MP3 player she can easily play for her baby. Some researchers believe that if a baby listens to music when they are still in the womb it can increase their intelligence. This is referred to as the Mozart Effect.

Although the Mozart effect has not been completely proven it doesn’t hurt to try and stimulate the baby’s intellect. The RITMO is an advanced system and enables the mother and child to share the same sensory and emotional experience.

The great thing about the device is that it is lightweight and is made up of very soft material so it’s perfect for a pregnant mother during normal day-to-day activities such as relaxing, shopping, or even working out. It can be worn on the go. It’s also adjustable so it can be worn throughout the entire pregnancy and the fabric is easily washable.

The RITMO prenatal music system works very easily. All the mother has to do is click the MP3 player into the micro audio control. Once she sets the sound at a level that she can enjoy the device will automatically adjust the volume to a level that is tolerable for the baby. The RITMO features a four speaker sound system. There are two separate speakers that deliver sound to the baby and the sound should be effective no matter where the baby is in the womb.

The musical system will last for about five hours on a fully charged battery.

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