Friday, March 12, 2010

imicroscope app for iPhone

The iPhone has some pretty amazing apps and one of the latest apps is the imicroscope. There are numerous applications on the iPhone that will allow a person to take extremely close pictures but the imicroscope is the first application to allow a person to take pictures with a microscope.

The imicroscope gives the smart phone the ability to capture magnified objects. However, a microscope is actually needed for the objects to be captured.

The application works by aligning the iPhones camera with the microscope’s viewfinder. Once the camera is properly aligned, the person can take high quality images.

The app costs $3. It’s an ideal app for professional and amateur scientists that have a microscope and want the ability to capture images of all the little organisms that surround us. The application should be compatible with most microscopes.

Via Technabob

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