Monday, March 15, 2010

Wall-Mounted Wood Stove

The wall-mounted wood stove is a product from a company called Caminetti Montegrappa. The company was established in 1976, and initially started producing traditional wooden stoves. Today, the company’s concept of stoves has evolved and now Caminetti makes high-tech contemporary wooden stoves for the modern home.

Wooden stoves are often seen as an appliance of the past. The stoves were not environmentally friendly and in some areas the stoves are either banned or highly regulated. Caminetti places a modern twist on the wooden stove. The stoves have a heavy gauge steel and a black temperature-resistant coating.

Each stove has a large ceramic glass window that should be able to stand temperatures of up to 750 degree Celsius. The stove is lined with a material designed to store heat, and when the wood is burning, the stove will release the heat gradually. This means that the room will stay warm even after the flames have died.

The wall-mounted stove gives a contemporary and uncluttered look to a room. The stove creates a weightless and air suspended effect that is very contemporary and modern.

Caminettit is known for producing products that are extremely high quality and over the years the company has received prestigious certifications that prove its products are distinguishable.

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