Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Home Core Integrated Toilet

At first glance the Home Core Integrated Toilet simply looks weird, however, its a cool way to add a unique touch to the washroom.

The Home Core Integrated Toilet is a combination of a toilet bowl, sink, mirror and vanity table integrated into one toilet system. The vanity system features a pop-up mirror and a few drawers so that people can store things. The Home Core is also called the all-in-one loo.

The Home Core Integrated Toilet is also energy efficient. Below the sink is a water storage tank. The water that is drained from the sink can be used to later flush the pot. If users want to store the sink water they can simply push a button that will activate the water tank to retain water. The main theme of the Home Core Integrated Toilet is to save water.

Although combining the sink and toilet into one seems like a neat and practical concept, there are many people that may not feel comfortable having a sink directly above their toilet, despite how clean the toilet may be. Another downside to the toilet is the espresso/coffee drink warmer that is built into the back of the toilet. Warming coffee on top of a toilet doesn’t seem very sanitary.

The Home Core Integrated Toilet may be ideal for individuals that have an extremely small bathroom or people that simply want a futuristic toilet in their home.

Via Slashgear

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