Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Auto Lift Iron

The auto lift iron is perfect for people who are easily distracted in the midst of chores. The steam iron is an innovative gadget that self-lifts when it doesn't sense the touch of a hand. It probably won't be long before more irons incorporate one-touch technology.

The iron has special micro sensors incorporated into the handle. When the iron doesn't feel the touch of a hand, it automatically raises and any steam that the iron is emitting stops. This reduces burned surfaces and burned clothes. The iron also works well at eliminating wrinkles quickly.

There are other little features that make the auto lift iron special. For example, the iron has a detailer that can eliminate wrinkles around buttons and also has a pivoting power cord. It also doubles as a handheld steamer when there is no time to pull out the ironing board. The iron features a stainless steel plate, transparent water tank, thermostat control, and an automatic shut off after eight minutes of non-use.

Via Dvice

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