Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Eco Freezer

The Eco Freezer is a small portable freezer that is perfect for a picnic or transporting food that needs to be kept chilled and fresh.

Some people might want to carry the freezer around in their car as they grocery shop. The freezer works on battery charged LED lights. The two LED lamps sit on the top of the freezer and these lights provide illumination and help the cooling system work.

To achieve a high mode of cooling a person must tap into energy from both lights, but to have a lower chilling only one light is needed. The designer also thought the device might come in handy if someone was doing a bit of hiking or traveling to remote places. The lights on the top of the freezer could function as a torch or SOS signal device.

The Eco Freezer is just a concept design for now.

Via Yankodesign

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